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Best Kept Secrets In The World
Best Kept Secrets in the World is for people who chase their dreams. It’s about discovering the most beautiful places on earth, meeting inspirational people who “live their dream-job” and learning from their life lessons and thoughts. It’s about photography, art, design and inspirational thoughts. Dream big, get challenged, stay inspired!

After quite some years of travelling as a photographer, I decided it was time to share some of the treasures that I have discovered all over the world. I’ve seen so many beautiful exclusive places, which I think are worth sharing. Next to all those luxurious travels and privileged shared moments, there will be a category of giving back. Let’s not forget the less fortunate who need our help.

World Citizens
My curiosity toward other people led me to have interviews with world citizens who travel a lot and also follow their dreams and live their dream job. They have “secrets that they found along their path” too! I try to find out what they are passionate about, what they think is important in life and whether they have any tips to share. Creatives, celebs, artists and all kind of people. Of course, I will also ask them about their favorite hideaways and their to do tips around the world.

For me as a creative person, inspiration is very important. I get inspiration from nature, books, thoughts, art, and of course from other people. I would like to share all kinds of inspiration with you.

As a photographer I will share photo tips. Here is share photo memories, the story behind the picture and also photo memories of other world citizen as well.  I will pronounce here my exclusive art pictures and archive pictures which you are able to order for your branding or can order as affordable art.

Gear and gadgets, in film and photography, which I truly adore as a photographer (and videographer), cannot be missed! Also as a formal designer in fashion I still have a “weakness” for trends, so I would also like to share my vision of  “great items” you want to put into your suitcase to look fabulous on a trip. 

“I hope to inspire you with this blog! And make sure that you settle for nothing less than extraordinary and make all your adventurous dreams come true.”

Love Esther,
Founder of Best kept Secrets in the World


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