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10 reasons to go to Åre in Sweden for the ultimate Christmas Holiday!

A fairy-tale landscape with snow covered rolling hills, pine trees, idyllic red houses with white windowpanes and a cosy fireplace to keep you warm. You cuddle up under a furry blanket with a book in your left hand and a hot-coco in the other. All tired but satisfied after a day of skiing in one of the most peaceful places on earth. 

You almost expect to see Santa Clause

Åre is a small cosy village with lots of snow that some people prefer to keep a secret. It seems to be hiding from all the haste, fuss and stress people bring along from their habitats. Åre is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to spend your precious time in during the winter season. This beautiful place is well known for its long ski slopes but there are a lot of other reasons why you should visit this little village.

And here are the 10 reasons why:

A Hidden traesure in Åre
The Åre Mountain lodge is located on Copperhill Mountain in Åre Björnen, 6 km from the centre of Åre. The private lodge is designed to be a peaceful getaway with its beautiful interior and breathe taking views over the lake, forest and mountain. Read more about this hotel in this article:

Copperhill Mountain Lodge, a masterpiece by Archirect Peter Bohlin
Master architect Peter Bohlin, designed the Copperhill Mountain Lodge which is a gem in Sweden’s snowy mountains. A big stylish hotel on top of the mountains. Read more about this hotel in this article: COPPERHILL, Sleeping in design, with a breathtaking view!

The peace and silence that will keep you sane untill next time
Approximately, there are only 5 people on every 5000 hectare of land in Sweden. Well I don’t know if that’s true but it certainly feels this way! Not only because there is so much land and so few people living in it, It’s also because of the uncommon presence of people. They are kind, relaxed and in no way pushy, all this space only for you and your snowboard or ski’s!

Dog sledding adventures
Glide across ice-covered landscapes under clear skies. Dogsledding in Åre is a fantastic and unequalled experience.

Snowmobile fun
Are you in for some more fast and furious fun? Take the snowmobile instead! Now giddy up and slide through some of the most picturesque locations imaginable. It’s an effective way to clear your busy mind.

Relax at the Copperhill Spa
With a beautiful view of the mountains, come and relax at the spa on Copperhill Mountain. Enjoy hot springs inside and outside with panorama views.

Done with those Bradwursts and flugels? Get to know Fika
When you’re exhausted from all the fun activities you see a lovely small restaurant with smoke coming out of the chimney. All people are cuddled up under a blanket, drinking coffee with cream and waffles. This sugary treat is called Fika! Hmmm!

Slide, glide, run, walk! One thing you need is Peak Performance J. One of my favourite ski-clothing brands. For those who like sport and being active, this brand is really well designed and made of good quality fabrics. This brand is found in Åre and is one of the most popular in this area. Are you going out skiing or do other outdoor activities?  Don’t hesitate to purchase clothes of one of my favourite brands in the world!

The frozen waterfall Tännforsen
Visit the Tännforsen waterfall and experience the massive power of Jämtlands nature. With a width of 60 meters across and a height of 38 metres Tännforsen is by far, Sweden’s largest waterfall. Tourists have come here for over 150 years and long before that pilgrims passed on their journey to Trondheim. The melting snows and ice in spring creates the most impressive. It’s estimated that the spring floods creates an unbelievable 791 cubic metres, flow of water, every second. Wintertime, the waterfall freeze in its entirety and a dramatic ice wall is formed. Tännforsen is an impressive site that constantly change with each season. An abosolute must see!

Christmas Tree
The last reason its’s just because it’s the perfect Christmas location with the big fully lighted Christmas Tree on the mainsquare.


This article was about Sweden, winter, snow and christmas. Would you like to share you’re experience about this destination, or give your opinion about this article, leave a comment below: 


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