JoJo Pors ” Every day counts!”

He is the first V.I.P. host in Amsterdam for high-end clubs, model, party organizer and a brand ambassador for multiple fashion brands. I met him at the LXRY fair in Amsterdam. We instantly connected and decided to do a photo shoot together. Meet JoJo Pors. I wonder how he got his special name

So let me begin with a simple question how did you get your special name and is it your real name?
Well actually, Pors is my real surname, but Jojo is a shortcut for Joaquin, my first name. An American Music Producer told me when I was eighteen that if I want people to remember me, I have to change my name. Friends always called me Jo, so I called myself JoJo Pors.

Tell me more about your mixed background?
My father is half Portuguese, half Brazilian. My mom, half Dutch, half French, so I am a mix between European and South American. But I was born and raised mostly in the Netherlands.

Which struggles did you overcome and made you a better person now?

“Be free from criticism of others”

 Negative criticisms is not giving any positivity back for learning, it has no use, so drop it. It can be a good thing sometimes, but if not, just let it go.

How did you come up with the idea tobe a V.I.P. host and how does it work?
I met the managers from Mad Fox club at an event. They thought I got that sparkle and asked me tobe a V.I.P. host of this nightclub which is located in the basement of the W hotel.
As a V.I.P host you need to bring the right people in mainly from your own network.
Nightlife is also about fashion, so it was important for me to be always unique and fashionable every night. That is how I became known in the fashion world and eventually got asked to be a brand ambassador for certain fashion labels.

What drives you?

“Life is short and every day counts”

A close family member of mine had a near death experience so I thought it`snow or never.

What/ what touch you or fascinate you?
People who live with passion.
Happiness and positivity fascinate me. If I see two old people walking hand in hand on the street, I always wonder how they managed to do that after so many years.

What are your dreams for the future?
I like to be a successful host on national television.
Also, Im into the business side of fashion.

Who are your role models in life?
Hilary Clinton, because she is unbelievably strong, and every time she gets knocked down she jumps right up with a straight back.
Also Carine Roitfield, ex-chief editor of Vogue, because of her sexy(daring)way of styling.

What are you grateful for?
Everything. I live a blessed life. I’m grateful for all the changes I went through and to find my place in society. A lot of young people struggle to find their way into society and I already have found my place at a very young age. Im 22 and I already get recognition.

What are you most proud of?
On my go-getter mentality.

“Where most people quit, I push it forward, I’m not a quitter”

What does success means to you?
Success means for me tobe proud and happy of what I am doing and what you leave behind when you die.

What kind of people inspires you?
People who didnt get success by luck, but really fought for it.

Did you have to fight for the success you have now?
Yes and no. I was lucky too. Lucky tobe in the right place and meet the right people and lucky they noticed me. But I do fight for the things I want in life.

What is important for you in life?
Humour. I do some stand-up comedian acts in clubs sometimes. I have a background inTheatre performances and I found out I had the talent to make people laugh.

What makes you happy?
To make other people laugh.
And to see the people whom I love are doing well.

What other things in life you like to learn?
I like to learn more about art. Im from an art-trade family and grew up among art & museums.
And I also like to learn how to dance Tango. There is so much passion in this dance.

What can we do better in our society?
To give each other more space and freedom.

What characteristic makes you the way you are and participate in the success you already have?
Im determined; Im not a quitter.

“I see chances everywhere and I create my own chances”

And I can speak and stand up for myself very well.

Youre a brand ambassador for certain fashion brands. How can we describe your style?
Rock & RollChic ,HediSlimane (ex designer of Yves St. Laurent) is my inspiration…

What advice will you give to other young people who want to become brand ambassadors?
Think of Business. Before you approach a brand or label, first find out what the vision of this label/ brand is and try to match it with your style and personality. Also, try to see their point of view.


If you like to read more of JoJo and find out his to-do tips for Amsterdam and Lisbon, read the article next week: JOJO PORS Life is worthwhile when you smile

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