Danielle, a girl who doesn’t let her dreams only be dreams.

Danielle started her model career two years ago, but besides modeling she has other dreams.
She never knew what she wanted to become, but fashion is in her heart. Fashion is her only passion. She just graduated as a Specialist Fashion Tailoring. I interviewed here about her education, passion and modeling work.

Why did you choose this study?
I never knew what I wanted to become and a friend of mine followed this study and so I came here to see what it was like. I didn’t feel like working at an office. And I didn’t want to be in healthcare or do other things.
Fashion is actually my only passion. As a child, I was drawing clothes on these ready-made dolls.

What inspires you in life?
I think especially the positive things and people around me. Actually there’s a quote that is very important to me. It’s my life motto:

“Do not let your dreams be dreams”

Do not just dream about things, go for it and get it done.

What would you like to become/ do later?
I would like to start my own business. Designing a custom line of home wear, loungewear and lingerie. Clothing with nice fabrics in which you can pull back and be comfortable and rest.

Who inspires you? Do you have any role models?
My role model number 1 is my own mother, because she raised my sister and me and I think she has given us the right tools, as I would like to give it to my own children later on. We have realized that we must be honest in life. Being honest to myself and also to other people.
I’m modest too. I don’t want to be arrogant. But sometimes that backfires on me as insecurity. For example with modeling work. Because I’m not very big and 5 cm too short for being a model (1.70), I sometimes have a feeling that “they” don’t take me seriously. But I’m being booked by the designer who likes me, so that thought/ feeling might be something I tell myself. I know I do the job well, but length is an insecurity of me.

What’s your next step?
I’m going to take a gap year to see if modeling work really is something that works out for me.
I can earn a lot of money and I meet nice girls. If I fail as a model, I did take some time for it and I tried, so I could not blame myself for not giving myself that opportunity.
Then I would like to do a follow-up study. Something with Jeans or Styling and design, or something more art related. I am not sure whether I’m going to work more on the artistic side or the commercial direction. 

Who do you think is a special person and why?
Negin Mersaleh. She started as a Fashionblogger a few years ago and has grown so incredibly in two years and is already working with all major brands. She has her own hair product line. Her business is growing so fast. She also vlogs about her personal life and business. She is very ambitious and knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it. For me very inspiring. I wonder what her secret recipe is. She’s an example for me. 

Which designer you love most?
I think Marni for sure. Marni is an Italian fashion label founded by Consuelo Castiglioni. Marni designs are quirky, feminine and funky. And Jill Sander has crazy collections too. Minimalistic clothes with an extra touch that makes very appealing. 

What qualities help you in your profession, both as designer and model.
As a designer, it is perfectionism. I am very perfectionist. It’s also in my way sometimes, because of it I sometimes run out of time. But I deliver good and clear work. I had high grades on my diploma. In the end it gives me satisfaction.

“Hard work pays off”

And I see that in my work and finally on my grades list.
As a model, it’s the calm and energetic thing I have in me. I can listen carefully to clues, focused, pay attention, can be patient and I give it my all during the shoot.
Two opposite poles of features, but work well during the shoot. Also because I work in both fields, I look at myself as a model but I imagine myself also on the other side as a stylist, and think how the pose would benefit the clothing. Because I am also designing clothes myself. And that gives me more fun and energy with modeling work. I’m sincerely interested in the clothes.

Why did you want to become a model?
My niece is a make-up artist and she needed someone for a photo shoot. After this photo shoot, I looked around what was more possible for me. I started taking pictures with girls who took photography classes. Now I’ve come to the point with my portfolio earns money as well. Sometimes I do something on TFP basis, but only if I really like the concept, and it’s complementary for my portfolio.

Would you rather see yourself as a model or designer?
That’s a very difficult question, because I like both. Future focus is more on being a designer.

Have you travelled a lot?
Privately I did, but not for work. My favorite is Copenhagen and Denmark. In terms of clothing, I also consider the city very inspiring. One of the most beautiful cities so far.

What are you grateful for in life?
For the things I have and the things I can do. We aren’t a rich family but my parents would do anything for me and provides me everything. I‘m especially grateful to my parents for how I grew up and what kind of situation we lived in. They support my decisions. I am grateful for the support from home.

What are you most proud of?
That I am happy with my own style, the clothes I wear, in which I feel comfortable. I’m proud of myself and how I am in life and I graduated with high grades.
During my first internship, the first year, they were not very positive about my qualities and I began doubting if I had made the right choice. Now I have grown so much in 4 years and I feel so much stronger. I finally did it very well and graduated with the best grades of my class. My perseverance and commitment have brought me a lot. 

“I set goals for myself”

That takes a lot of me, but it brings me a lot too. I’m always looking for better and more. It’s never enough. You’re proud of it, but when it’s ready you want more.

Do you have tips for other students?
Do not be insecure about your own work. The grass is always greener on the other side but everyone has their own style and own skills and it is very important that you stay with your own style. Don’t let anybody get in your way. You live for yourself and so you make choices for yourself too. 

“If someone treats you in a negative way, don’t listen, stand up and create your own path”

Would you like to give tips to other designer / beginners?
The issue with models is that models are being set aside as people who don’t eat. Nutrition is very important. You don’t have to be too insecure about it. You have so many fun and inspirational dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And healthy eating is the best food! To be slim you need to eat a lot, but do make healthy choices.
For beginner designers, I would say, look at your own skills and qualities. Don’t let other people, who have a negative impact, put you down.
I wanted to end this interview to ask what your life motto is, but you already brought this up. 

“Do not let your dreams be dreams”.

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