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Be your own kind of beautiful

Be your own kind of beautiful, be unique as you are. That is the message I’m giving to my daughter. She’s already very beautiful, but still she’s insecure about little things in her face. Nowadays we see a lot of woman, ending up with duck-faces and looking like a real Barbie doll. But what about just being yourself and authentic? Are we not as beautiful as we are? Are we not already perfect? Of course as a woman, I struggled all my life with this subject, just like my daughter. The media and nowadays Social Media too has shown us nothing but perfect people, good looking models, made even more perfect by photoshop. A flawless skin, the perfect legs and I can go on. From the age of nineteen I had to prevent myself by not going to any plastic surgeon to make my nose smaller and my hips smaller too. I said to myself: “A self-aware, confident, smart woman shouldn’t be doing that.” Just to protect myself.

Last year I had to cancel an international campaign/ job called: “Unique as you are” for an international jewelry label due to a traveljob outside my country. I felt really terrible about cancelling this job, because the message of this campaign was something I really felt connected with. But one of my sayings is:

“For every bad thing, is a good thing in exchange.”

And so it was in this situation.

On this travel journey I set the foundation of this blog, and started right away as soon as I got back with Best Kept Secrets in the World. So for me a good thing came out of canceling an international campaign. So remember to pick up “good things” out of bad situations. Or turn them into good things for you!

And of course:

“Be your own kind of beautiful, be unique as you are and be proud of it!”

Please feel free to share your opion about this quote beneath.

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