3 of my favourite ‘pearls’ of the Archipelago in Sweden

When we talk about luxurious travels the Swedish Archipelago might not be the first location you think of, however once you’ve been there it will certainly be on your list! A treasure of unspoiled nature and islands before the coast of Stockholm is a heavenly hideaway for the Swedish people. Every weekend they spend their time on these islands, where they retreat to have a nice break from their busy lives. The Archipelago is a cluster of nearly 30,000 beautiful islands, each with its own character.

 ‘Rugged nature blends with wooded islands, rocky cliffs and sandy beaches’

 These are three of my favourite islands that I’ve visited in the Archipelago: 1 Grinda
A charming island, just over an hour away by the fastest boat, via Vaxholm. A blissful archipelago setting, in a nature reserve. When I was in Grinda, the Swedes were celebrating their festival called ‘Midsommar’. People often begin the day by picking flowers and making wreaths to place on the maypole, which is a key component in the celebrations. The maypole is raised in an open spot and traditional ring-dances. The Swedes celebrate that the darkness of night is replaced by a magical twilight

2 Moja
Traditional, idyllic archipelago island lined with small villages and well-preserved harbors. There is still fishing and farming practiced here. Don’t miss visiting the popular tavern Wikströms Fisk in the village of Ramsmora, which is run by the archipelago’s only professional fisherman. Möja is perfect for hiking and biking.

3 Sandhamn
An island where you can experience the remarkable maritime terrain of the outer archipelago. Sandhamn is the key meeting place for sailors and yachters, with a vibrant party scene during summer. The idyllic village, a historical sea pilot station, the classic Royal Swedish Yacht Club, and numerous restaurants and bars
Swedes are fairly well attuned to the rhythms of nature. At Midsummer, they have a holiday and everyone is in a hurry to get to the countryside”

Ferry or Yacht
One of the many ways to experience the Stockholm archipelago is to travel by ferry from island to island. Lapping waves, sunny rock ledges, and unparalleled scenery await you. Boats run year-round. Of course you can also hire a private boat or yaught, which makes your journey even better.

Waxholmsbolaget’s app to plan your journey
If you do want to go by ferry, when buying a ticket or pass, ask for a Waxholmsbolaget’s island hopping map. It has suggestions for different routes and things to do along the way. The area is divided into the northern, central, and southern archipelago. You can download Waxholmsbolaget’s app (search for “Waxholmsbolaget”) and use it to plan your journey.

What is the best time to visit this Island?
I would say the summer months and especially when Sweden celebrates it’s Midsummernight ‘Midsommar’ festival between the 19th and 25th June.

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