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Albert Watson. Be aware of what you ask :-)

Albert Watson, is one of  “the last of the mohicans” among the older generations amazing Photographers. I love his work.

His black and white portraits in combination with his fabulous stills have always been an inspiration for me. His portraits of Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Sade, Mike Tyson and Tupac among many others were spectacular. Duotone coloured prints, strong and convincing, arty and theateral stylish and original.

Watson, originally Scottisch and living in New York, is well known for his fashion, celebrity and art photography. He studied graphic design and film before launging his career as a photographer in Los Angeles. His striking images are featured in galleries and museums worldwide. He has shot over 250 covers of Vogue around the world and 40 covers of Rolling Stone magazine since the mid-1970s. Watson was one of the 20 most influential photographers of all time, along with Richard Avadon and Irving Penn. And I got a change to meet him a few years ago at the Kahman Gallary in Amsterdam, where he had an exposition. His greatness was “alive and kicking” and turned out to be a very kind person too. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re photographing a porter in a market in Marrakech or you’re photographing the king of Morroco. You have the same sympathetic approach to everybody. You be nice to everybody, basically.” Albert Watson

While talking to him I could not resist my enthusiasm and told him I would like to be his intern/ student and wanted to learn from him very much. Above all my surprises, he said.: ” Oh, you can, just contact me on this email address. You can stay in New York as my intern for at least half a year.”

I was in shock, cause I never would him expect to say this, offer this unique chance for me. But I was also in shock because of my free-out wishes to speak out loud, cause you know what they say…Be careful what you ask for…

The thing was, I couldn’t come for half a year to do an internship in New York, even though it was beyond my dreams to do so.  Especially at his greatness Albert Watson himself. I could learn so much of him!  

“A good portraiture is a two-way street where someone is throwing little gems out and you’re grabbing them. Very few people have a 100 percent fluency in being able to do this kind of magical with a camera.” Albert Watson But in Amsterdam I had two kids to take care of, I was a single mom… even raising them alone. I could travel one or two weeks and ask my parents to take care of them but I could never leave my kids alone and go off to New York. And yet the opportunity was there. I felt stupid that in my enthusiasm I suggested something, I couldn’t make come true. 

Sometimes in live we have to accept, we have limited possibilities, although I would like to think my possibilities are limitless. And most of the times, I live my life like that. Only this was one of the times, I had to accept that it was almost impossible, unless I would have been very selfish!

And beware of what you ask for, you just might get it done sooner than you think ☺

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My daughter, left with one of his art in the Kahmann Gallery. Right, Albert Watson and me :-).

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