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Rodrigo Otazu’s homelands to do list (2)

Last week I posted my interview with Rodrigo Otazu, Jewellery designer for Madonna, Katy Perry and Lady gaga and this week I’m going to reveal his to do list of his homelands, New York, Amsterdam and Argentina.

In last weeks interview he told me:

“My dream was travelling. So I combined travelling with design and it was magic”

So it’s time to ask now which places you adore most in the world?
I love everything, there is nothing I don’t like, I just love everything. The last 4 weeks I was in 7 different countries. I was in Abu Dhabi selling my diamond collection; I was in Cairo, Marrakesh, Mallorca, London, Amsterdam and New York. I travel a lot.

Do you have a favourite hotel in the world?
The one in Abu Dhabi was amazing. The Palace is a 7 star hotel and is spectacular. I have never seen something that beautiful and I can highly recommend it to everyone.

You live in New York? What’s your top to do list in New York?

  • Tao (Downtown), THE place to be, the new way of Budha bar; beautiful!
  • I like the woody Allen kind of living in the West Village, with small tiny little restaurants and wine bars with jazz playing in the background.
  • Central Park, I love it during the weekends.
  • They have beautiful restaurants on fifty seven and seventh street. Outside you don’t see anything but inside is like: “wow”, with waterfalls, candles, very romantic….

You have tips for us on your to do list in Amsterdam?

  • I had my birthday recently in Mama Kelly and I used to live there when I came for the first time in Amsterdam. It’s a really nice restaurant in the formal Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam.
  • Moon, the restaurant on the 19th floor that turns 360 degrees in the A’DAM tower. You have a view over Amsterdam and the atmosphere and food is really good. It’s opposite to the Central Station and you can come by boat if you like.

I also like a restaurant called Le Garage, which used to be a garage and is beautifully done.

What do you like about Dutch people and what do you like about Holland/ Amsterdam?
I like the blondes with the blue eyes ☺. I like many things about Dutch people.

Holland is one of the smallest countries in the world, and being such a small country and has so much action I like very much. I lived here for 20 years and still have a house. Here’s so much creative energy. The music, the architecture, the fashion, there’s so much going on. People are always talking about Amsterdam and is always on their to do list.

What are your top 3 things to do in Argentina?

  • Go to Mendoza, to see all the wineries.
  • The south, Patagonia it’s called, you see the most beautiful nature and skylines in this world.
  • And Buenas Aires is incredible.
  • Punta Iglesias, actually in Uruguay is THE St. Tropez of South America. Exquisite houses, restaurants to die for, Its THE place to be in South America during the summer. You should go there!

 “Punta Iglesias; The St. Tropez of South America, you should go there!”

 (I will )


You want to read more of Rodrigo Otazu, go to the interview: Rodrigo Otazu, without dreams, there’s no life! (1)

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